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As the Administrative Assistant and our store Social Media and Marketing Coordinator, you probably see me working on stuff in the back more often, however sometimes I can squeeze in time for a good book! Since I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in English in May 2018 my love for reading has expanded more than I thought it could. I love a good historical fiction novel, I also love novels that take place in a Medieval or Renaissance time period such as Philippa Gregory or Alison Weir’s novels.

2021 Reading Now:

NEW! The Last Garden in England, by Julia Kelly

My new favorite book! This book is a historical fiction, and features several character POVs and takes place in three different time periods.

1907, Venetia Smith is a horticulturist and is set upon designing a grand garden with several garden rooms for the Melcourts, who live in the Highbury House mansion. Upon arriving she has big dreams and big plans for the garden, with sentimental aspects for each flower chosen that is planted, and each room design. She is becoming distracted however by Mrs. Melcourt’s brother.

1944, Beth is a land girl newly arriving to the countryside near Highbury House and Highbury House farms. She makes many acquaintances around the area, one being the head of Highbury’ s kitchen staff, Stella Adderton. Beth loves to draw and is using her talents to sketch parts of Highbury House gardens for Mrs. Symonds, the new owner of the house. Stella Adderton already has a lot to manage, with the injured soldiers for the war taking over all the rooms in Highbury House. To make matters worse, her sister entrusts Stella to take care of her nephew Bobby as her sister heads back into the workforce in a dangerous London. Diana Symonds recently lost her husband in the war. Now the sole owner of Highbury House, she is learning to love it as much as her late husband did, however now with the soldiers in every corner of her house she is becoming frantic in not having any time to grieve privately. These three women will learn to lean on each other through the war.

Present Day, Emma is a horticulturist with her own gardening company. Severely in debt, she never stops working and never stops moving from job to job. She has never found a place to call home until she arrives at Highbury House. She is struggling under the enormity of restoring the gardens, but is inspired by Venetia Smith’s designs, an idol of hers. She wants to restore it to its original beauty for the new owners of Highbury, but there is something secretive about the locked and over grown Winter Garden. What happened there, and how does it connect all of these women from these different time periods?

NEW! Yellow Wife, by Sadeqa Johnson

The perfect debut novel for southern historical fiction fans.  Born on a plantation, Pheby has lived a privileged life. Her mother is held in high regards on the plantation, as her father is the slave master. Pheby is a black woman, but very light skinned, so she is viewed with higher interest. After an accident she is taken away from the plantation and put into a jail in Virginia, where she is auctioned off to be the wife of a wealthy white man who owns the jail. A great story based upon real events.

NEW! Our Darkest Night, by Jennifer Robson

The newest novel by the author of The Gown. This is a story of WWII in Italy. A story of love and heartbreak, it is a great new read for fans of WWII fiction!

NEW! The Chanel Sisters, by Judithe Little

This is a fantastic novel about the two Chanel sisters, who are the backbone to the well known fashion/luxury Chanel line. Antoinette and her older sister Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel come from a poor family. Their mother died young, and their father abandoned them. They grow up learning that nothing in life is given to you, you have to work for your money, and work hard in order to get where you want to be in life. This novel will take you through their lives and the hardships they had to face along the way. Beautiful, a lovely historical fiction novel that focuses mainly on Antoinette Chanel’s life. It will show you the true meaning behind the double “C” Chanel logo, and the meaning behind “Coco” Chanel.

Past Favorites:

The Ickabog, by J.K. Rowling 

Whether you’re young or old, fans of J.K. Rowling will love this new novel! Set back in a time of medieval Kings and Queens comes a tale of the Ickabog, a monster haunting the marshes of England. King Fred is determined to win over the affection of the townspeople and agrees to hunt and kill this monster, however he doesn’t expect all the events that unfold on his journey. I loved it, I can see this being another great movie as well!

The Invisible Life of Addie Larue, by V.E. Schwab

Already #1 on the New York Times Bestseller List, this novel is so delicious I am just eating up every word. It starts out with Adeline, a young girl living in early 1700’s France in the countryside. She wants what every girl wants, the unachievable, freedom. She wants to be able to travel, to see Paris, to see the world. But for a woman alone in the 1700’s this is impossible. Her parents set her up with a widowed man in town with children to feed. Adeline doesn’t want to be a wife, she doesn’t want to be like every other woman in her town. She makes a sacrifice and a promise to the Gods, but she does it after dark. Her neighbor told her to NEVER pray to the Gods after dark…

Adeline has gotten her wish, but with it pays the price of being forgotten over and over again by everyone for 300 years. But she is determined to not give up. She will not give in, she will choose freedom over anything; love, happiness, even family. But then in a bookstore in the year 2014 one man remembers her for the first time…

I am absolutely loving it. The author does a wonderful job with little details and descriptions about each era Addie goes through in life.

The Exiles, by Christina Baker Kline

A young governess accused of stealing is imprisoned in London. Evangeline is one of the prisoners picked to travel overseas to Van Diemen’s Land, Australia. The prisoners in Australia have the opportunity to work off their sentences while they are there and eventually earn off their freedom over time. But Evangeline realizes she is pregnant before being imprisoned. She knows she is too far along and will have the baby aboard the months long journey on the ship, and she’s not sure her or her child will survive the journey. An amazing novel that will have you on the edge of your seat, waiting to see what will happen next. Christina Baker Kline does a wonderful job of keeping you guessing and developing such indispensable characters. A heartfelt and daring novel, there will be justice in time. Loved it!

The Woman in Red, by Diana Giovinazzo

This is a story about a woman who grows up under her father’s wing. She is the farthest thing from being “womanly”. She is outcasted at a young age because she is not afraid to stand up for what is right. She wants to become a gaucho like her father, and has a special connection to horses and riding. After her father’s death she is forced to marry a man she does not love at the young age of 14. After a few years of being treated horribly, she defies her mother’s wishes and leaves her husband in search of her own destiny. She begins a romantic affair with the infamous leader of the Brazilian Revolution, Jose Garibaldi, an Italian sent to Brazil to defend their independence. Set in 19th century Brazil, this is the story of a strong and powerful woman who will defy the norm, and become a large part of the Brazilian Revolution. Amazing! A wonderful historical novel, it taught me so much!

28 Summers, by Elin Hilderbrand

The newest juicy beach read from our girl Elin!! In 1993 young Mallory has graduated from college and is living with her best friend in a expensive NYC apartment (that she can barely afford). Mallory is having no luck finding a job and just at the right time receives a call that her late aunt gifted her, her old beach cottage in Nantucket in her will. After moving there she hosts a bachelor party for her newly engaged brother Cooper, and meets for the first time *in person* the infamous Jake McCloud. Mallory and Jake have an undeniable attraction to one another, but as time goes on their lives seem to move in other directions. Mallory and Jake start a pact. They are going to have an affair every summer for 28 summers. But when Mallory is sick and on her death bed (well into their 50’s now) her son is shocked that the one person he is told to call is a Jake McCloud.

Home Before Dark, by Riley Sager

The perfect mix of suspense/murder mystery/ghost story with a haunted house involved. 25 Years ago Maggie Holt and her parents moved into Baneberry Hall, a large grand mansion with haunting architecture and beauty. They only lived there for 3 weeks before fleeing in terror from the house in the middle of the night.

Maggie grew up always believing what happened to her and her family was made up. Everyone knew her because of her fathers book, House of Horrors, that became famous. But when she inherits the old “haunted” mansion after her father’s death, she starts to wonder if maybe the events that her father wrote about in that house really did take place…Diving back into the chapters of her father’s book, Maggie starts to put all the pieces together of what really happened that night…

I loved this novel! The perfect spooky/haunted house mystery. You really feel for Maggie and her struggle growing up because of the fame behind her father’s book. You will be savoring every page until you get to the shocking end!!!

Sin Eater, by Megan Campisi

Most of you know that I am a huge junkie for medieval or royal related fiction. This novel was excellent. Takes place in 16th century England when Queen Elizabeth I would reign, however due to the fiction aspect of the novel, Queen Elizabeth is known as Queen Bethany. It’s pretty easy to figure out who’s who. Sin Eaters had the job of eating the sins of the dying so that they could move onto heaven without the burden of their sins. I had no idea Sin Eaters were real throughout history. I found the act of Sin Eating a beautiful and disgusting job to have. I love the way May figured out how to use her silence as a Sin Eater to her advantage to solving the mystery going on in the royal court! I did not see the shocking revelation coming! Fantastic read, I really enjoyed it!

The Betrothed, by Kiera Cass

A spellbinding tale that will take you back to a time of kings and queens, large castles, and stunning ballrooms. A young girl, Hollis Brite, is being sought out by the King. At first she doesn’t take his efforts seriously, but is then swept up in becoming the next queen of Coroa. But is there someone else at court that will catch her eye? Is she really falling in love with the King, or his status and the possibility to be queen? Kiera Cass’s newest book, first in its series! A great read I am loving it!

Jane Seymour, The Haunted Queen, by Alison Weir

If you know me or follow my reading list you know that I LOVE anything to do with King Henry VIII and his wives, and that Alison Weir is my favorite author who writes about them all beautifully.

This novel is about Jane, Henry’s third wife. Jane is known as the Haunted Queen because her actions and her privileges seem to stem from horrific events. Jane sees what the King does to Queen Katherine his true wife, putting her away just so that he can take another wife the bewitching Anne Boleyn who flips England upside down in her wake. After having Queen Anne beheaded because of supposed adultery and treason, Henry has fallen for the plain and simple Jane. A girl who comes from a modest household abundant with children, and most importantly the ability to have many male heirs… or so the king thinks. This is a treacherous time for Jane, who is set to become the next Queen of England with hopes of restoring the kings love for his late True Queen Katherine and their now 20 year old daughter the Princess Mary. There are many people on opposing sides these days so Jane has to tread lightly. She must not upset the King and she must bear him sons, or her fate may be similar to his other Queens…

I have loved learning more about Jane Seymour and her family. This novel is important to the history of King Henry VIII and his behavior which changed drastically with all his wives. It is said that he loved Jane the most out of all his wives and that she was his true Queen he had been waiting all his life for. Even though this series is categorized as historical fiction, Alison Weir (an English historian) does a beautiful job of keeping the facts straight and shown through her novels.

The Burning Chambers, by Kate Mosse

I actually started reading this book when it came out last June, however I got a part of the way through and never went back to it. Now after giving it another shot I am in LOVE with this novel! A beautiful story during a time of the French Wars of Religion in 1562. There are two sides at war here, the Huguenots leading the Protestant reformation, and the Catholics fighting to keep the same religion. This is a love story reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet with two star crossed lovers thrown together on the same path, but coming from opposing sides of the war.

Minou, a young beautiful girl of 19 has taken over the role of the caretaker and woman of the family ever since her mother died 5 years ago and her father has just recently been away for a long time and will not venture out of the home. Minou is responsible for taking care of her little brother Aimeric and her very young sister Alis, as well as running the family owned bookshop in the city.

Piet, a young man trying to make his way in the world. He may have gotten himself into unfavorable situations, and now is on conflicting sides with the Catholics who are after him. Piet has made a replica of the shroud of Antioch and sold it claiming it to be the original. With all of the distrust in the city, Piet finds himself on the run, and coincidentally gets help from a beautiful young woman who he will continue to encounter much more in his future.

I am loving re-reading this book! Look out for the much anticipated SEQUEL coming out this May!!

The Prized Girl, by Amy K. Green

OH MY GOSH..This book is a MUST read! if you love psychological suspense and murder mysteries set in modern day, this book is for you! I read this book in less than 2 days. I literally stayed up until 4 AM to finish it, it’s THAT kind of book! This debut novel is the perfect mix of scandal and murder mystery, it will have you making multiple guesses at who the killer is, eliminating suspects, then backtracking,  and second guessing yourself. You won’t see it coming!

Premise: Jenny was a 14 year old pageant queen who was very popular in their small Massachusetts town. Her dead body is found in the woods, and there is something strange about it. Her body is cut up and bruised, she looks to have been raped, her long beautiful hair has been cut off, she is in a juvenile nightgown, and she is wearing an unfamiliar gold necklace with a gold heart pendant. Her family is distraught. Everyone is blaming Benjy, a grown man known to be obsessed with Jenny who attended every single one of her pageants. However, Benjy has the IQ of a child and is harmless, so it seems. Everyone in the town seems to accept the fact that Benjy did it and is a pedophile, but Virginia, Jenny’s 26 year old half sister isn’t convinced. This novel is filled with drama including immature high school drama that lays the path for Jenny’s actions before her death, to teacher student relationships, to deep rooted family hatred and issues. Can you guess who killed Jenny Kennedy?

Keeper of The House by Rebecca Godwin

This is a fantastic novel that will intrigue you, and also pull on your heart strings. This is Godwin’s fictional account of what life would have been like at the real life brothel in Georgetown, South Carolina named Sunset Lodge, however due to its fictional nature, and privacy the names have been changed of the location, streets, characters, owners, etc. This juicy heartwarming story is about a young African American girl named Minyon who has just been transferred over to work for Mrs. Addie the owner of Hazelhedge (Sunset Lodge) and all the things that she experiences and sees while working at the brothel. A wonderful lowcountry historic tale, a must read if you are from the area or vacation frequently!

(If you enjoyed reading this book, I highly suggest you read David Hodges’ nonfiction book, Sunset Lodge: The Story of a Madam– The true facts about the brothel, when it was in operation, the families (some unnamed) involved in it. We keep this book in stock as well) 

The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern

This book is a very intriguing and yet quite unusual book. It will be an acquired taste for those who like to read fantasy, but also like a good story, from a story teller. This book takes place in present day, but goes back and forth between different worlds, and different stories from another time about pirates stuck in dungeons pursuing a forbidden romance, acolytes who give up their voice to gain entry to a secret underground library, a young boy who finds a door in a dark alleyway and doesn’t open it or go through it only to find out its gone the next day, and a doll’s house replicating a read world. But not only are these stories bizarre, but the plot thickens when in 2015 Zachary, a media graduate student, finds an old storybook in the abandoned fiction section of his university library called, Sweet Sorrows. He reads the same stories you the reader has just read, including the one about the boy who found the door. Except…he is the boy, now grown up, and he can’t understand why someone wrote down this very specific moment in his life he has thought about for years but never told a soul of. He is also perplexed by the fact that this is an extremely old book, how is an event of only 14 years ago about HIM written inside? This novel is very fantastical and twisted and I am loving reading it!

The Shape of Night by Tess Gerritsen

Ava, a food writer, wants to get away from home for the summer and is renting a house called Brodie’s Watch. Brodie’s Watch is an old fisherman’s house in Maine by the seaside. What she thinks will be a peaceful getaway and work space, turns into the opposite. Either Ava is going crazy, or she is actually seeing and eventually falling for the old sea captain’s ghost, Captain Brodie. Part dark and lusty romance, and part thrilling ghost story, this book has everything from running along the lines of the old 1947 film The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, and including lust scenes close to that of Fifty Shades of Grey that will make you blush just reading it! When I read this book, I thought of it as a very grown-up version of a Nancy Drew Mystery Novel. Great read, perfect for this spooky season!

Dracul by Dacre Stoker

This book is the prequel to Dracula which was written by Bram stoker in 1897. Dracul, is written by Dacre Stoker the great grand-nephew of Bram Stoker. Dacre perfectly captures the writing style of his great grand-uncle Bram with his writing style! This book is hauntingly captivating. This is the perfect book for the origins of Dracula, and some of the other known vampire like people that would have been haunting the streets in the mid 1800’s.

The book starts out in the mid 1800’s with the main character Bram Stoker, who is a child of only 7 years who has been ill and kept to his bed since his birth. He has an unusual connection with his nanny, Nanny Ellen, a woman of great mystery. Bram and his sister Matilda find Ellen quite strange because they can never really tell what she looks like, each time she looks not quite like the last. Not only is her disappearing for days strange, but sometimes she looks old and worn out with brittle hair and wrinkled skin and faded gray eyes. But sometimes she looks lively and rejuvenated with long blonde waves of hair, bright blue eyes, and skin healthier than a child’s. One night when it seems Bram’s illness will finally take him for good, Nanny Ellen shuts herself off in his room alone with him. Bram vaguely remembers the eerie and dark events that take place, and when he awakes he is in a dream-like state. He remembers essentially nothing of the previous night, his energy is restored, and he feels better than he ever has. He feels strong, and like he could run a marathon. But what are these two pin prick like marks on his wrist? Why do they itch so bad? And why do his wounds heal instantly and almost magically? The next day Nanny Ellen disappears and it’s the last Bram and his siblings ever see of her…for a long time, that is. The book continues on through Bram’s life and his occurrences with people hiding in the shadows, and the Mystery of who is the man in black? Is it Dracula? I really enjoyed this “bloody” tale!

Anne Boleyn, A King’s Obsession by Alison Weir

If you have browsed my reading list before you can clearly see I love any medieval fiction, and any books that take place during the Tudor Reign. I have read Weir’s first book in the Six Tudor Queens Series, Katherine Of Aragon: The True Queen, and you can find it below in my Past Favorites! Next I will be reading Jane Seymour, The Haunted Queen, and Weir’s fourth book in the series, Anna of Kleve, The Princess In The Portrait, so look for those soon! Her fifth installment, Katheryn Howard, The Scandalous Queen, will be out May 2020!

THIS BOOK, however is an incredible, detailed, novel that I think perfectly recreates what Anne’s life would have been like from the time she was 11 to the time of her death. As the woman who replaced the people’s beloved Queen Katherine, resulting in a divorce/annulment set out by King Henry VIII himself against his wife, being the King’s second wife, she was not well liked. It is true, Anne was a hated queen she was called a whore, an adultress, even accused of incest, however this is a story of the real Anne. The Anne who was sent off for political gain and training to other countries to gain skill and status at only 11 years old. The Anne who admired the early feminist views and reform that she learned while growing up, and her strong will and determination to keep women equal to men. The Anne who was caring towards others,  and who took it upon herself to gain status and wealth for her family and for the generations of her family to come. The Anne who sacrificed true love for power and status, and for a strong love for her country and her people. I really enjoyed this novel and felt like I could connect to what Weir portrayed as the real Anne Boleyn. A great read!

The Nanny by Gilly Macmillan

At 7 years old in 1988, Jocelyn/Jo loved and favored her nanny, Hannah. She was basically raised by Hannah, as she became Jo’s nanny right after her birth. She had a strong bond with Hannah and found that she loved her more than her mother. Hannah was fun, they would play games, tell bedtime stories, and spend time together all day while her dad was off doing business and her mother, a wealthy housewife, was fawning over the Lake Hall family estate. However, there were a lot of things Jo didn’t know about Hannah…and about her mother. One night after a rough night and a temper tantrum from 7 year old Jo, Hannah mysteriously disappears. Her mother tells her that Hannah left because of Jo’s behavior, but Jo’s mother knows exactly where Hannah is, at the bottom of their Lake.

Now 30 years later Jo has a young child of her own. Recently upset after her father’s death and her own husband’s death all within the same month, Jo returns home to her family estate, Lake Hall, with her daughter to stay with her mother who she hasn’t had any communication with for over 10 years. Hannah did a good job at driving a wedge in between Jo and her mother even though she was only in Jo’s life for 7 years, or so she thinks. Things are already tense between Jo and her mother, but guess who comes knocking on their door surprised to see her precious Jo all grown up now? Nanny Hannah…

A great psychological suspense! This book will have you wondering what will happen the entire time! Not predictable! This book kept me guessing, a perfect suspense novel for the upcoming spooky season!

The Trial Of Lizzie Borden by Cara Robertson

This is a book I wouldn’t normally pick up since it is a nonfiction, however it is so meticulously written I couldn’t pass it up. Robertson details every single thing that happened in the days before, during, and after the murders of Andrew and Abby Borden in 1892. There is a worldy fascination with their murders over a century later, and the constant long awaited question of “Did Lizzie really do it?” This book details every phrase said inside and outside of the courtroom. Robertson provides pictures and detailed accounts of everyone involved in the case. This book does not paint Lizzie in a guilty or negative light, nor does it suggest she is innocent, that is for you to figure out! It includes transcripts of the Borden legal proceedings, contemporary newspaper accounts, unpublished local accounts, and recently unearthed letters from Lizzie herself. For fans of true crime or murder investigation books, podcasts, and documentaries, this book is for you! Do you think she’s innocent or guilty? Let us know your verdict!

The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett

One of the best books I have read! It’s a big one, but way worth the read! This book focuses on a three different story lines woven into one. It starts in 12th century Medieval England. Tom the mason who’s barely able to feed or make means with his pregnant wife (who is pregnant a little unexpectedly and a little too late in her lifetime) his younger daughter Martha, and teenage son Alfred. He is building a house for a wealthy family’s son, Lord William, in which he plans to house his new bride, Lady Aliena. Cold and unfriendly, Lord William storms the property with his horse, almost trampling Tom’s daughter, and calls off the project because his bride to be refuses to marry him. Tom is now poor and out of work on a journey to earn a living and means for his family. Tom’s selfish dream is to build a cathedral, and he won’t stop looking for work until he can, even if it means putting his family in danger and poor living conditions. He then meets Ellen, a gorgeous angelic woman Tom believes is a gift from God. There’s something about her that seems to entrance all.

Phillip is prior of the monastery in the woods but has a bigger dream for his job. He wishes to become head prior of all monasteries, or even Bishop. He wishes to excel and spread gospel to all. But with the King dead, there is a conspiracy between the church and the higher Lords and Barons on who they want on the throne. He finds himself in the middle of the plot, hiding one of the biggest secrets in England.

Lord William has just been rebuked by the beautiful Lady Aliena, whose marriage would have given his family back their high status they believe they deserve. Embarrassed by all of society, William decides to wreak havoc on Lady Aliena and her family and overthrow their castle and royal power, and steal their wealth for themselves after finding out they are involved in the plot to overthrow the monarch. William is a villainous character with no remorse for his actions.

When all three storylines become interwoven, the plot thickens! A great read!

The Witch of Willow Hall by Hester Fox

Fans of Jane Austen will LOVE this novel! It is set up the same way, and is written in a classic literature style, like many of Austen’s novels are. To me this novel was very similar to Emma, and Pride and Prejudice with a little bit of Gothic Fiction added in, however, Fox puts her own spin on the novel by having the heroine be a descendant of one of the women hanged in the Salem Witch Trials. This novel takes place in the 1820’s in Massachusetts, the Salem Witch trials are long gone, but the people of the community are not opposed to hanging people due to witchcraft so Lydia has to hide her secret. Lydia’s family has to move away to the countryside because a scandal involving her older sister Catherine and brother Charles (roughly around the same age) has damaged their family name. Shortly after arriving at Willow Hall, Lydia and her two sisters Catherine and Emeline meet the handsome and striking Mr. Barrett. But you wonder, what secrets is he hiding behind his handsome façade, and while he is quiet and observant, do his interests lie within Lydia’s family? A novel of romance, hidden secrets, family affairs, and a little witchcraft!

The Other Mrs. Miller by Allison Dickson

Phoebe, a spoiled heiress still reeling from her complicated relationship with her father and now his death, lives in a million dollar home in a private secluded neighborhood cul-de-sac with her husband Wyatt. Her marriage is clearly failing along with her figure. Wyatt only cares about having kids, something that forced their marriage in the first place that ended in a stillborn baby. Since her loss, Phoebe feels no attachment to ever being a mother the standing argument keeping their relationship in shambles. Not to mention a suspicious car parks in a different spot every day in the neighborhood. Phoebe has been keeping track the last couple of months, convinced they are watching her even though they have a U.S. Postal sticker on the side. Is she going crazy or is someone watching her every move? The Napier’s, Ron Vicki and Jake move into the house across the street. Once their attractive high school son Jake goes over and introduces himself to Phoebe, she takes this as her way to spice up her life, while her husband is at work everyday. But part of her plan includes getting closer to the family, thus befriending Vicki. Thus, she becomes distracted and isn’t keeping a close eye on the suspicious vehicle. Vicki and Ron seem to have an abusive relationship, possibly putting both sides at fault and dragging Phoebe in the middle of it. Phoebe doesn’t really seem to know her neighbors as well as she thinks she does. A lusty thriller that completely changes course half way through the book!! You won’t be expecting what happens next!

Searching For Sylvie Lee by Jean Kwok

A mysterious story of family secrets, Chinese Traditions, temptation, and self realization. Sylvie was born in America. Her parents immigrated to America to live in Queens, NY shortly before Sylvie was born to start a new and prosperous life. As soon as Sylvie is born her parents send her away because they do not have enough money to provide for their child, yet they promise to retrieve her back when they are financially stable. She is sent to live with her grandmother, her mother’s cousin Helena and her husband Willem, and their new baby Lucas her second cousin the same age as her, in Holland. Sylvie grows up in Holland for 9 years under her cousin Helena and her grandmother’s care. Sylvie enjoyed her life in the Dutch country, the only issue was Helena’s watchful eyes. Helena never cared much for Sylvie, and that was the only motherly figure Sylvie had growing up other than her grandma. At 9 years old Sylvie is summoned back to America by her parents she has never met, because she has a new baby sister, Amy, she has to take care of while her parents go to work. She had to leave the only family she knew to come to a strange world where she doesn’t fit in. As she gets older, she learns the only way to be accepted in America is to be smarter than everyone else. She excels in school, gets accepted to Princeton on scholarship, gets a fancy consulting job, marries into a wealthy family, and lives in a million dollar apartment in New York. At 33, Sylvie has the perfect life…or so it would seem.

Sylvie gets a call that her grandmother is sick and dying and she flies back over to Holland to spend as much time with her before she has to say goodbye. She tells Amy and her parents that her job sent her over there to do some work while she was there, so Amy and her family think nothing of it when she doesn’t return a month later, and after her grandmother’s death. Amy gets a strange call from her cousin Lucas in Holland asking for Sylvie, and then realizes that she is missing. This type of book is not my normal style, but I dove in head first and I absolutely loved it! I couldn’t put it down! It will shock you at the end! A MUST read!

The Peacock Summer by Hannah Richell

This is a beautifully written novel about finding courage, finding yourself, and finding the love you deserve. 1955, beautiful and young Lillian Oberon is 26 and married to the wealthy widowed aristocrat, Charles Oberon, owner of the large picturesque Cloudesly Estate in England. Charles boasts about his wealth by keeping many Peacocks free-roaming the estate lands, to symbolize his luck and fortune. Lillian feels like just another one of the expensive artifacts Charles collects displayed throughout the mansion that he parades and shows off to his many guests. He doesn’t care for her as a loving and doting husband, as he did when they first met. But there’s a twist, Charles hires a young and thriving artist named Jack to live with them the entire summer as he commissions a mural for Lillian in the forbidden West wing of the mansion. To Lillian, Jack is different than Charles. He is someone that understands and appreciates what she cares about…

In Present Day, Maggie Oberon has been living abroad going place to place since leaving home a year ago. When she gets a phone call that her grandmother Lillian is in the hospital, she goes back to Cloudesly to help care for her at home in her old age. Now Maggie is forced to confront the life she left abruptly behind and piece it back together. While living at Cloudesly again, Maggie starts to uncover the clues to what type of man her grandfather really was, and what happened over 60 years ago in the dusty old mansion. A FANTASTIC Summer read filled with suspense, lust, and family history over the span of over 60 years. My favorite book this year! You MUST read this book!

The Royal Secret by Lucinda Riley

A scandalous novel so close to the royal family it was taken off the press and Lucinda Riley’s career plummeted before even taking off. Originally published in 1998 under the name “Seeing Double” and internationally as “The Love Letter”, this book proved to be too close to the royals being it was just after Princess Diana’s death and close to the Queen’s reign in a start of a new century.  Lucinda Riley changed her last name to her maiden name “Riley”, and wrote the Seven Sisters series in the mean time allowing her career as a novelist to regain its status and let the book cool down. Now 21 years later it is finally published! After the death of actor Sir James Harrison, journalist Joanna Haslam starts uncovering strange pieces to a huge secret kept hidden all these years. Joanna comes across a secret letter given to her by an older lady not wanting to reveal who she really is. A thrilling novel and a great read! I am loving it so far! It takes place in 1996 so you have to remember that technology as it is today,  phone calls, internet searches, etc. were not as prevalent back then. See if you can figure out why it was only allowed to be published 21 years later…What happened back then?

Circe by Madeline Miller

Greek Mythology. A story of Circe, a Greek Goddess daughter of Helios the Sun God and the Oceanid Perse. A great read about the beginnings of Greek Mythology and Circe’s life growing up in the palace of the God’s, and developing her own power. A great read, I can see why it has been on the New York Times Bestseller List for so long! Halfway through reading now!

The Mermaid and Mrs. Hancock  by Imogen Hermes Gowar

1780’s London, Jonah Hancock finds himself out of luck when his ship captain comes back after 2 years without his ship, and an interesting item as cargo. The item turns out to be a small shriveled up mermaid with real hair, fingernails, a tail, fins, the works! However, it is dead and dried up, and is the prize for the selling of his ship. With the unwanted suggestion of his captain to show off the mermaid for a business venture, advertising the first ever real mermaid to people of the society for money, Jonah Hancock takes his advice. An unusual debut that examines our capacity for wonder, obsession, and desire. I am loving it!

Enchantée  by Gita Trelease

A great 16th century novel that takes place in the court and at the palace of Versailles. Camille a young girl who’s lost her parents to small pox is left to take care of her younger sister while her older brother gambles and drinks away all the money they have even though they are already a poor family. She uses magic taught to her by her mother to turn scraps of metal into coins in order to pay for food and lodgings. After discovering she can do more than just turn coins with her magic, she finds herself spending all hours of the night and morning at the court of Versailles, and conversing with members of Queen Marie Antoinette’s court. Her plan starts out as turning cards at the gambling tables to earn money for her family, but then Camille becomes so accustomed to her new royal life she has a hard time balancing both lives. A great read for adults and young adults, I loved it!

Somerset  by Leila Meacham

The prequel story to Meacham’s famous novel RosesSomerset is set in South Carolina and Texas in the 1830’s. This is a perfect southern read. We get characters like Silas Toliver, cheated out of the family fortune after his father leaves the entire plantation to his first born son, Morris, Silas is willing to risk it all to earn himself a life and fortune of his own. We also meet the witty and smart Jessica Wyndham, daughter of the richest man in South Carolina. She’s a young abolitionist having a hard time adjusting back to life in the south living on her fathers plantation full of mistreated slaves. This novel goes on to span three generations of characters and nearly 100 years of history, with the Civil War and the Texas Revolution as the historical backdrops. I’m falling in love with reading this book!

Dear George, Dear Mary  by Mary Calvi

This historical fiction novel beautifully transports you to a colonial era of powdered hair, wigs, and classical music. This is a novel of George Washington’s first love, New York heiress Mary Philipse. This is a never before told story where we get a glimpse at the young and handsome George Washington in his early twenties with Auburn hair and sparkling eyes. This is written using and based on recovered  letters sent back and forth between George and Mary, and diary entries. There was an undeniable force pulling them together, yet something keeping them so far apart. You get to see a whole new side of George you’ve never seen… A great romance novel.

The Gown  by Jennifer Robson

A beautiful story of the seamstresses and embroiderers of Queen Elizabeth II’s wedding gown. This book jumps back and forth from 1947 right after the Blitz when the people of London are trying to get back to their normal lifestyle, and 2016. In 1947 we meet Ann and Miriam women from two different worlds that develop a lasting friendship while working for Norman Hartnell. Although Ann gets the grand opportunity to work on the Queen’s wedding dress, she hides this fact from her family generations later. In 2016 Heather has just learned that her beloved Nan has died. After looking through her old boxes she finds a scrap of fabric that resembles the famous star shaped flower pattern of the Queen’s wedding dress. Heather starts to put the pieces together to research what her grandmothers life was like at her age. Absolutely adored this book!

The Phantom Tree by Nicola Cornick

Cornick starts us out in present day with a character named Alison who has time traveled from  the 1560’s (Queen Elizabeth I’s reign). Alison has been trying for years to get back to her era. She stumbles upon an old portrait in an art gallery she knows is her closest enemy Mary Seymour. However, they are incorrectly marking the photo as Anne Boleyn and Alison is determined to prove it’s Mary and use it to find a connection back to her time, and find her beloved son Arthur. Mary Seymour is the niece of the late Queen Jane Seymour third wife of Henry VIII, and is the daughter of the late Queen Katherine Parr sixth and final wife of Henry VIII. Mary is stricken from the historical records at two years of age and it is supposed that she may have lived on, since her body or bones were never found. Cornick plays with the idea that Mary did have a life, and was put to the task of helping Alison find her son using her “witchcraft” she didn’t know she had the power to possess.

The Lost Queen by Signe Pike

Set in the early 600’s Languoreth and her twin brother Lailoken are children of the King. Lailoken possesses his late mother’s healing powers and is destined to be a wisdom keeper, yet jealous and wanting of these visions and powers Languoreth is groomed and destined to be Queen. The first book in The Lost Queen Trilogy follows Languoreth through life starting at 10 years old all the way up until she is 32. With mystical and medieval detail, this book will transport you into a time period you couldn’t have ever imagined. Fantastic read! My favorite book of 2018 and new in paperback June 4th 2019!

Katherine of Aragon, The True Queen by Alison Weir

The first of six novels written on all six wives of King Henry VIII.  Katherine of Aragon was his first wife, known as the True Queen. Katherine was originally married to Henry’s older brother Arthur, the heir to the throne of England, yet after he died four months into their marriage she is soon remarried to Henry who then becomes heir to the throne of England and known as King Henry VIII. Weir wonderfully writes the novel with her extensive factual knowledge of the historical figures and what their life was like in the early 1500’s. What started out as a marriage full of passion and love soon turned to an obsessive greed for a male heir to the throne of England. A look into the life of a beloved Queen of England, the mother of Queen Mary Tudor, and an inspiring story on what may have actually been Katherine of Aragon’s life. It details the trials and tribulations she faced as Queen, and then after her marriage was annulled and declared invalid.

The Tea Planters Wife by Dinah Jefferies

19 year old Gwendolyn Hooper marries Laurence, an older man who has been widowed with an interesting past. Set in the 1930’s Ceylon, you get the wonderful descriptions of what life was like on a tea plantation at that time, and the mysterious past Laurence holds onto as well. Fan’s of Daphne Du Maurier’s Rebecca will find interesting similarities in this book! What a page turner! This is one of my favorite books I’ve read here! Ask me about it!