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OLIVIA’S Book List

As the Administrative Assistant and our store Social Media and Marketing Coordinator, you probably see me working on stuff in the back more often, however sometimes I can squeeze in time for a good book! Since I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in English in May 2018 my love for reading has expanded more than I thought it could. I love a good historical fiction novel, I also love novels that take place in a Medieval or Renaissance time period such as Philippa Gregory or Alison Weir’s novels.

Reading Now:

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The Royal Secret by Lucinda Riley

A scandalous novel so close to the royal family it was taken off the press and Lucinda Riley’s career plummeted before even taking off. Originally published in 1998 under the name “Seeing Double” and internationally as “The Love Letter”, this book proved to be too close to the royals being it was just after Princess Diana’s death and close to the Queen’s reign in a start of a new century.  Lucinda Riley changed her last name to her maiden name “Riley”, and wrote the Seven Sisters series in the mean time allowing her career as a novelist to regain its status and let the book cool down. Now 21 years later it is finally published! After the death of actor Sir James Harrison, journalist Joanna Haslam starts uncovering strange pieces to a huge secret kept hidden all these years. Joanna comes across a secret letter given to her by an older lady not wanting to reveal who she really is. A thrilling novel and a great read! I am loving it so far! It takes place in 1996 so you have to remember that technology as it is today,  phone calls, internet searches, etc. were not as prevalent back then. See if you can figure out why it was only allowed to be published 21 years later…What happened back then?

Circe by Madeline Miller

Greek Mythology. A story of Circe, a Greek Goddess daughter of Helios the Sun God and the Oceanid Perse. A great read about the beginnings of Greek Mythology and Circe’s life growing up in the palace of the God’s, and developing her own power. A great read, I can see why it has been on the New York Times Bestseller List for so long! Halfway through reading now!

Past Favorites:

The Mermaid and Mrs. Hancock  by Imogen Hermes Gowar

1780’s London, Jonah Hancock finds himself out of luck when his ship captain comes back after 2 years without his ship, and an interesting item as cargo. The item turns out to be a small shriveled up mermaid with real hair, fingernails, a tail, fins, the works! However, it is dead and dried up, and is the prize for the selling of his ship. With the unwanted suggestion of his captain to show off the mermaid for a business venture, advertising the first ever real mermaid to people of the society for money, Jonah Hancock takes his advice. An unusual debut that examines our capacity for wonder, obsession, and desire. I am loving it!

Enchantée  by Gita Trelease

A great 16th century novel that takes place in the court and at the palace of Versailles. Camille a young girl who’s lost her parents to small pox is left to take care of her younger sister while her older brother gambles and drinks away all the money they have even though they are already a poor family. She uses magic taught to her by her mother to turn scraps of metal into coins in order to pay for food and lodgings. After discovering she can do more than just turn coins with her magic, she finds herself spending all hours of the night and morning at the court of Versailles, and conversing with members of Queen Marie Antoinette’s court. Her plan starts out as turning cards at the gambling tables to earn money for her family, but then Camille becomes so accustomed to her new royal life she has a hard time balancing both lives. A great read for adults and young adults, I loved it!

Somerset  by Leila Meacham

The prequel story to Meacham’s famous novel RosesSomerset is set in South Carolina and Texas in the 1830’s. This is a perfect southern read. We get characters like Silas Toliver, cheated out of the family fortune after his father leaves the entire plantation to his first born son, Morris, Silas is willing to risk it all to earn himself a life and fortune of his own. We also meet the witty and smart Jessica Wyndham, daughter of the richest man in South Carolina. She’s a young abolitionist having a hard time adjusting back to life in the south living on her fathers plantation full of mistreated slaves. This novel goes on to span three generations of characters and nearly 100 years of history, with the Civil War and the Texas Revolution as the historical backdrops. I’m falling in love with reading this book!

Dear George, Dear Mary  by Mary Calvi

This historical fiction novel beautifully transports you to a colonial era of powdered hair, wigs, and classical music. This is a novel of George Washington’s first love, New York heiress Mary Philipse. This is a never before told story where we get a glimpse at the young and handsome George Washington in his early twenties with Auburn hair and sparkling eyes. This is written using and based on recovered  letters sent back and forth between George and Mary, and diary entries. There was an undeniable force pulling them together, yet something keeping them so far apart. You get to see a whole new side of George you’ve never seen… A great romance novel.

The Gown  by Jennifer Robson

A beautiful story of the seamstresses and embroiderers of Queen Elizabeth II’s wedding gown. This book jumps back and forth from 1947 right after the Blitz when the people of London are trying to get back to their normal lifestyle, and 2016. In 1947 we meet Ann and Miriam women from two different worlds that develop a lasting friendship while working for Norman Hartnell. Although Ann gets the grand opportunity to work on the Queen’s wedding dress, she hides this fact from her family generations later. In 2016 Heather has just learned that her beloved Nan has died. After looking through her old boxes she finds a scrap of fabric that resembles the famous star shaped flower pattern of the Queen’s wedding dress. Heather starts to put the pieces together to research what her grandmothers life was like at her age. Absolutely adored this book!

The Phantom Tree by Nicola Cornick

Cornick starts us out in present day with a character named Alison who has time traveled from  the 1560’s (Queen Elizabeth I’s reign). Alison has been trying for years to get back to her era. She stumbles upon an old portrait in an art gallery she knows is her closest enemy Mary Seymour. However, they are incorrectly marking the photo as Anne Boleyn and Alison is determined to prove it’s Mary and use it to find a connection back to her time, and find her beloved son Arthur. Mary Seymour is the niece of the late Queen Jane Seymour third wife of Henry VIII, and is the daughter of the late Queen Katherine Parr sixth and final wife of Henry VIII. Mary is stricken from the historical records at two years of age and it is supposed that she may have lived on, since her body or bones were never found. Cornick plays with the idea that Mary did have a life, and was put to the task of helping Alison find her son using her “witchcraft” she didn’t know she had the power to possess.

The Lost Queen by Signe Pike

Set in the early 600’s Languoreth and her twin brother Lailoken are children of the King. Lailoken possesses his late mother’s healing powers and is destined to be a wisdom keeper, yet jealous and wanting of these visions and powers Languoreth is groomed and destined to be Queen. The first book in The Lost Queen Trilogy follows Languoreth through life starting at 10 years old all the way up until she is 32. With mystical and medieval detail, this book will transport you into a time period you couldn’t have ever imagined. Fantastic read! My favorite book of 2018 and new in paperback June 4th 2019!

Katherine of Aragon by Alison Weir

The first of six novels written on all six wives of King Henry VIII.  Katherine of Aragon was his first wife, known as the True Queen. Katherine was originally married to Henry’s older brother Arthur, the heir to the throne of England, yet after he died four months into their marriage she is soon remarried to Henry who then becomes heir to the throne of England and known as King Henry VIII. Weir wonderfully writes the novel with her extensive factual knowledge of the historical figures and what their life was like in the early 1500’s. What started out as a marriage full of passion and love soon turned to an obsessive greed for a male heir to the throne of England. A look into the life of a beloved Queen of England, the mother of Queen Mary Tudor, and an inspiring story on what may have actually been Katherine of Aragon’s life. It details the trials and tribulations she faced as Queen, and then after her marriage was annulled and declared invalid.

The Tea Planters Wife by Dinah Jefferies

19 year old Gwendolyn Hooper marries Laurence, an older man who has been widowed with an interesting past. Set in the 1930’s Ceylon, you get the wonderful descriptions of what life was like on a tea plantation at that time, and the mysterious past Laurence holds onto as well. Fan’s of Daphne Du Maurier’s Rebecca will find interesting similarities in this book! What a page turner! This is one of my favorite books I’ve read here! Ask me about it!